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Hypest Team Presents: Revival Of Belgium #3

A Smash Bros. Melee tournament geared towards an incredible base of players, in a treat as we reignite the flame of Melee in Belgium!

After so long, we are coming back with a tournament tailored for the community in small sizes with our partner Iki & the newly included Kaki Cake Bar. Any level is acceptable to join our events, as we gear up towards the renewal of series at Hypest Team.


In this event, a lack of attendency has been noted due to the increase of the Coronavirus pandemic & summer time beginnings; Being fewer, still means we had a lot more fun: We had the opportunity to host Round Robin Pools into a Double Elimination bracket, making for a lot of hype matches and a closer seeding. 


It is with no surprise that Feradit achieved first for the third consecutive time in our series, beating Ladder who got 2nd place. Guacamolio got to 3rd place;  

The bracket was surprisingly well leveled in the mid-range level, although there was strong disparity amongst the top players, we saw some very close matches even though the results may not reflect this. We look very much forward to the next event, hopefully within a better situation in regards to the pandemic.


You can find the information about this event at


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