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Hypest Team Presents: Revival Of Belgium #2

A Smash Bros. Melee tournament geared towards an incredible base of players, in a treat as we reignite the flame of Melee in Belgium!

After so long, we are coming back with a tournament tailored for the community in small sizes with our partner Iki & the newly included Kaki Cake Bar. Any level is acceptable to join our events, as we gear up towards the renewal of series at Hypest Team.



This tournament held a lot more weight than the previous one, as all major contenders in Belgium were present. Even though Feradit won again, it’s very credible to state that he has been given a run for his money as previously named LunarySSF2, registered as “It’s Ok If I Lose”, had very close matches with him and even did a 3-0 reset in Grand Finals!

In Third place, we got Razor Ramon, and then Guacamolio, who all had respectable runs.

There were once again a few newcomers which shows a potential growth in the scene and a tide of wind that can turn with time if they persist to come up… Most of them placing in predictable places, as expected, however there were some really nice sets; 

A shoutout to Scrubdaddy who broke in the Top 8 of the event, returning after the very long break.

A special shoutout as well to Kaki Cake Bar, who helped us in extremis host this event, as Iki Salads bar was unoperational at the date of the event, without them, this event would not have been possible; 


You can find the information about this event at


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