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Hypest Team Presents: Revival Of Belgium. | Tournament Event | Super Smash Bros. Melee

A Smash Bros. Melee tournament geared towards an incredible base of players, in a treat as we reignite the flame of Melee in Belgium!

After so long, we are coming back with a tournament tailored for the community in small sizes with our partner Iki. Any level is acceptable to join our events, as we gear up towards the renewal of series at Hypest Team.


The winner of this tournament is Feradit, #1 in Belgium and still retaining his throne within, we have also got Ateezy in 2nd place, and Melone in 3rd place, all veterans of the Smash Bros. Melee scene in Belgium. 


There have been a lot of newcomers which showed a breathe of Fresh air in the community, especially after seeing upsets from “Instertaghere” who pierced in the Top 8 of his first ever recorded local, at age 16. 


A special shoutout to the members of the community who showed up after 2 years of silence with the pandemic, this event is truly and once again, special and heartwarming to Hypest Team.


A big thanks to Iki Salads bar for allowing us to host this event at their venue! 


You can find the information about this event at



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